Now offering Group Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Our team has recently added fitness classes to our host of onsite wellness offerings. You asked, and we listened. And for those that did not ask……….Here’s a few why’s.

Onsite fitness classes provide convenient access and assistance to your staff on the way to their fitness goals. We get your employees moving, with effective classes that increase energy and circulation which leads to more focus and productivity for the work day.

Did you know that 45% of employees blame their weight gain on their employers? Well they do… and we are here to help take the blame off your organization.

The American College of Sports Medicine, found that workers who incorporated 30 to 60 minutes of fitness during the workday experienced a 15% increase in performance. While 60% of employees experienced enhanced time management skills, advanced mental performance allowing the employer to enjoy a surge in met deadlines. This study also confirmed a decrease in absenteeism due to healthier immune systems and overall healthier staff.

Group exercise is also an excellent way to facilitate team building and employee engagement.

Are you ready to let your employees know that you care about their well-being and health?