Yoga for the workplace

That is correct!! We are here to help make you look good to your staff. 55 million Americans are practicing yoga, and considering this number has risen by 30 million in just 8 short years, we are able to make the conclusion that your team is either practicing some form of yoga or holds the interest.

Our team of Yoga Instructors have experience in a variety of settings, populations and skill levels. Our team of Yoga practitioners are RYT certified and are prepared to facilitate classes onsite arousing relaxation and wellness.

While companies fight to recover $46 billion in annual excess health-care costs due to high job demands and $180 billion due to workplace environments, yoga has become a great onsite solution.

Yoga aids in perfecting posture to combat long sedentary hours at the computer, boosts immune system which lessens absenteeism., while lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation. Employers that provide yoga to their staff enjoy the benefits of increased focus, more efficient problem solving and overall job satisfaction.