Conventions and Trade shows

Are you capitalizing on your investment and standing out from the crowd as an exhibitor? Are you still passing out dated pencils and paperweights? Well let us excite your fancy and those of your future clients at your next trade show.

Just take a look at the long line; awaiting chair massage. Imagine how much interaction your company can enjoy with potential clients, while providing a memorable first impression. Attendees expend a lot of energy as they bustle from session to session, to keynote speaker, and rack up countless steps discovering all the opportunities on the exhibition floor.

Standing along side a number of companies we witness firsthand how excited attendees get when they see chair massage on the exhibit floor. Attendees enjoy a break from carrying heavy bags filled with all the less effective offerings from other exhibitors. The immediate affects of chair massage are felt and directly associated with your company’s presence. We also offer reflexology (foot massages) which afford your representatives more time to build relationships.

At Chair4Hire we offer you the ability to brand our therapists with your company’s attire to increase brand visibility and association. Upon request; our team can communicate a clear concise message designed by you and delivered as they greet and relax each participant.


Now offering Reflexology

With potential clients face up, your reps have even more face time.

Look at that long line of your future clients.