National Nurses Week



National Nurses Week

Nurses provide such an integral part of our healthcare system.  We have all been touched by the kind, skilled, approach of a caring nurse.  Standing on their feet for long hours, heavy lifting, and daily stress make Nurses a perfect candidate for onsite chair massage.  

Chair4Hire has worked with several medical facilities and clinics providing onsite chair massage.  Our chair massage specialists have found the health care environment increasingly fast paced.  Well our experience has brought us the ability to maximize participant participation in the midst of the chaos.

Hospitals, clinics, and individual practices alike find onsite chair massage quite the crowd pleaser for National Nurses Week.  

Chair Massage is a win/win option; as companies utilize reserved wellness dollars and employees enjoy a tension-stress-relieving massage during the work day.

Research has proven onsite chair massage to be a great investment for all companies, large and small.  Allow Chair4Hire to appreciate your Nurses this May with a beneficial, tangible, wellness option.

Our team of chair massage experts have set up in small break rooms, examination rooms, conference rooms, and even reception areas.  Remember we only require 5x6 ft to bring you onsite chair massage.