Onsite Chair Massage

Chair4Hire has specialized in chair massage for the workplace since 2009. Staffed with amazing therapists that bring a unique offering to each experience; Thai Massage, Deep tissue, Neuromuscular therapy and years in clinical settings. Our team of therapists are proficient, efficient, and highly effective. We are dedicated to only working with practitioners that are timely, professional, knowledgeable, with the ability to deliver effective techniques.

As company's grow their wellness programs onsite chair massage has proven to be a great tangible addition. Employers find chair massage most effective in employee retention, increasing morale, and deepening overall job satisfaction.

What To Expect

Our chair massage specialists arrive onsite with a specialized portable ergonomic massage chair, which only require a 5x6 ft space. Set up requires a quick 5 minutes and our specialists are onsite and set up prior to start time.  Our all inclusive pricing includes travel, set up, relaxing music, and sanitation supplies. As you make the schedule available to our team or opt-in for our online scheduler; our therapists stay on schedule throughout the day. Our specialists provide a brief intake and tailor each session to the needs of the chair massage recipient. At the conclusion of our visits; we pack up  our ergonomic chairs and supplies and leave without a trace…..Well, except the air of your staff feeling appreciated.

Real Life ROI

How many times have you personally had to to stop in the middle of your workday and nurse a pain in your neck? or shoulder? What about a headache that kept you from focusing on your tasks? Clients witness our team of chair massage specialists deliver relief time from these well known productivity killers, time and time again. Allowing employers to see an immediate return on their investments with each dollar spent.

Take a look at how much money companies are saving by investing in workplace massage.