Our Founder

Ohm Therapies was founded by Tiondra Hamilton in 2004 in Houston's Midtown district, as a store front, spa experience for personal clients.  As demands in employee wellness increased and personal clients repeatedly requested chair massage services for their workplace her interested peaked .  The effectiveness of massage in the workplace quickly became Tiondra's new passion and Chair4Hire was established.

 Chair4Hire had the honor of being flown in by special request to provide onsite chair massage during the holidays for the Headquarters of Southwest Airlines.  The following year Chair4Hire expanded  it's network to include Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Beaumont all charged with the mission of meeting the overworked, stressed employee at the office.

"The opportunity to provide companies an immediate ROI wellness option while providing wellness professionals supplemental income has been quite rewarding," says Hamilton. 

With a passion for community and holistic approach to self care, Tiondra began her career volunteering with the Houston Area Women's Center and continued working with younger women in the 501c3, A Mother's Love.  Today , she continues to volunteer her time with the Young Mother's Program of Project Row and  the veterans of The New Millennium Project.

Tiondra has practiced massage therapy for 15 years and recently completed her kundalini yoga teacher training in 2013 after obtaining her BBA from Texas Southern University in 2009.  In the summer of 2013 Hamilton traveled to Thailand to study the ancient art of thai massage and brought back a different approach to the chair massage experience.  Traveling abroad again in 2015 to China,  returning with  more eastern techniques to  enhance the delivery of workplace chair massage.  Whether domestic or abroad Tiondra has remained grounded in continuing education while providing tangible solutions for workplace wellness.


"The passion, the purpose, and intent combined with a deliverable ROI, specific to wellness dollars equals; Chair4Hire."

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