Chair4Hire: The Promise, The What, The When


Our Promise

Our therapists promise to provide your company with a cost-effective wellness solution. We ultimately seek to increase your bottom line, one knead at a time.  While the market offers several wellness options, onsite chair massage has made hedgeway being one of the only tangible solutions that happens at the workplace.  Employers and employees alike witness the immediate ROI as employees go back to their desk more productive and more appreciated.

What We Do

We provide an immediate ROI, as we bring in our own portable ergonomic massage chairs, which only require a 5x6 ft space. Our specialists will then blend in to your work environment while providing revitalizing workplace massages.

Our chair massage specialists arrive with portable massage chairs, sanitation supplies, and music.(Upgrades available) Set up takes less than 7 minutes and we are onsite and set up prior to start time.  

Our therapists understand the need to customize each participants experience to their individual needs. We provide a brief intake to understand these needs and proceed accordingly.  No Set Routines. 

At the conclusion of our visits we pack up  our ergonomic chairs and supplies. We leave your space as it were.


When Do You Need Us

Wellness, Wellness, Wellness.

Are you looking for a fresh new wellness addition?

Are your employees at a computer for 8+ hours?

Does your team endure heavy lifting?

Is this the busiest season for your team?

Are you having an office move?

Looking for a reward for outstanding performance.

Sales goals?

Office Competitions?

Health Fairs?

Employee Appreciation?

Office Holidays?

Is your office changing operating systems?

Office competitions?

Still need a reason? Call us at

Is your company exhibiting at a convention or trade show?