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Chair Massage for the Holidays

Gift Chair Massage This Year

Gift Chair Massage This Year

This time of year employers are sponsoring lunches, shelling out baked goods, gift cards, and hosting holiday parties.  Well here is a little secret:: There are some savvy employers with a unique gift this year. Onsite chair massage is the one gift that keeps on giving.  Chair massage provides an immediate ROI to the company and the employees.  Illinois Public Health Institute research  shows an average return of $3.14 on every wellness $1 spent and as high as a $13 return. 

Onsite Chair Massage is one of the few tangible wellness initiatives a company can offer, while providing a well deserved treat for your team.  The gift of addressing tense neck and shoulders from long hours at the computer, becomes priceless when offered by the employer.  Those managing back pain from lifting and loading, would truly appreciate the gift of onsite chair massage. You see where we are going with this.......

Be new be creative, with a tangible gift of appreciation this year.  Onsite Chair Massage costs an average of $10/pp.  Try comparing the benefits of lunch or gift cards to the gift that keeps on giving:: Chair Massage


Here's a really cool ROI caculator for your company's wellness initiative: https://www.ncqacalculator.com/Index.asp?Redirect=true